Hello, I'm Constance

I have shared nonverbal communication with animals since childhood. Pet psychic, animal/interspecies communicator name what I do, but for me the gift of communicating with animals is so much more expansive and beyond description.

It was years ago while attending an animal communication workshop, when I was able to connect with an animal through a photograph and receive the answers to three questions, that I finally accepted my gift as such and no longer doubted the information I was receiving.

I live on Florida's east coast and when not working with animals or rescue organizations I can be found walking the beach or nature trails, writing, or working with other women to foster and support a stronger united community. 

I am a strong supporter and advocate of rescue organization and regularly donate readings to fundraising events.

Join Me

Animal Communication classes are taught throughout the year, and I offer a monthly day of "community" readings with sessions at a reduced rate (Jacksonville, Florida area), workshops, and one on one mentoring.

I encourage you to begin listening to and trusting your inner voice/inner knowing. You know your animal companion better than you think. All you have to do is begin listening and trusting the messages she or he is sharing with you.

What happens during a reading?

During a reading I receive information through my senses and a "knowing". Perhaps I feel a pain in my tooth when the dog has a tooth problem, or I see an image of the favorite toy or treat, or I might hear words as if the animal I am communicating with has a human voice.

It is a gift for me to be able to interact with the animal kingdom in this manner and I never take it lightly. It is a gift I am so very grateful to know and share.

Companies I believe in, support and buy from:

Barlow Herbal

For all of you who are interested in natural supplements for you and your pets, please check out the wonderful healthy support products offered by Barlow Herbal, a company I have bought from for years. This family run company has integrity and products I believe in.

I am receiving no compensation for this endorsement and am sharing  because some of their reduced alcohol products are suitable and safe for pets.

Go to BarlowHerbal.com

Bach Flower Remedies

Bach Flower Remedies come up repeatedly as "being of benefit" in readings. Made from the essence of flowers they are well tolerated and a little goes a long way.

I like that they are inexpensive, can be given in water or applied to the skin, and that I have seen and felt them "work". They are suitable for people and animals.

Bach Rescue Remedy has been a staple in my health cabinet for many years, for me and my pets. Bach has a chart of 32 remedies addressing pet issues, naming the remedy called for and listing desired outcome.

I am receiving no compensation for this endorsement.

Go to the Pet Chart

Books by Constance

Archie, the Conch Who Wouldn't Sing
"Tides, they are a-changin" under the waves,  when Archie refuses to share his song of the sea - until humans stop polluting the water world. One young conch's courageous act will change the course of history for those who live above and below the waves.

Looking for God
(illustrations by Barbara Andridge)
A seeker walks out their door, wanting to find that which they call God. By the end of the day, God is found, in everything.

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